DRAFT - Roadmapping the transition to climate-neutral cities: Methodology guidelines

Over the past months, we worked on TOMORROW’s methodological guidelines. These will support cities in developing a transition roadmap for climate neutral cities in 2050. We refer to this as the “transition roadmapping process”: a searching and learning process based on transition governance principles as developed by DRIFT. These guidelines support local authorities to accelerate the transition to climate neutrality by implementing a transition roadmapping process.

Rather than a ready-made blueprint, we aim at providing “ingredients” that cities can use to create their own “local recipe” for making a roadmap. We are going to monitor this process of adaptation to the local context during the project. Ultimately, we aim forthese guidelines, together with insights on local implementation, will support cities globally to bridge long-term climate-neutrality ambitions with short-term actions.

At this point, these guidelines are a “work in progress”. They will be tested and co-developed with the pilot cities of TOMORROW over the course of the project. As such, the draft guidelines will be updated, consolidated and republished in March 2022.