Energy Transition Learning Relay Brochure

Governing energy transitions in cities - a peer learning programme

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions in order to reduce and prevent the worsening effects of the climate crisis. Local authorities play a key role in fostering sustainability transitions. Some municipalities have become pioneers in leading climate action and do their part in reducing emissions by implementing climate policies, facilitating transition roadmapping processes, setting up climate action plans, innovating their local governance and supporting participatory engagement activities and grassroots initiatives in their cities.

In the past months, municipalities have also been in the front line providing a prompt response to the Covid-19 crisis. Some local authorities have already been setting up the foundations for building more sustainable and resilient cities post-COVID crisis. They, for example, implemented local sustainability plans, are re-thinking mobility and improved their collaboration with diverse stakeholders. In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is important to build resilience strategies to address both climate and COVID crises and search for potential opportunities to build more sustainable, liveable and just cities.

Do you work in a local authority or you are involved in supporting the sustainability transition in collaboration with municipalities (e.g. by setting up an energy cooperative, by facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations, by running local associations or NGOs operating at city level, by conducting action research in your city, etc.)? Are you interested in learning more on how to envision and facilitate sustainability transition processes in your city? Do you want to learn how to facilitate a multi-stakeholder governance process accelerating the energy transition? Do you want to learn from peers motivated to foster sustainability transitions in cities?

If so, join us and other peer cities and towns for an Energy Transition Learning Relay, a 3-months peer-learning programme for elected officials, civil servants and civil society actors motivated to foster energy transition governance processes in (their) cities. We will launch it on 22 October 2020 in Brussels (or online)!

Apply here before 17 July!