Energy Transition Roadmapping Masterclass

Do you work in a local authority, or do you collaborate with a municipality, and work on  supporting governance for sustainability transitions? (e.g. by facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations, by running local associations or NGOs operating at city level, by supporting the development and implementation of climate policies, etc.)? Are you interested in learning how to design a participatory transition roadmapping process in your city? Do you want to learn with peers from across Europe about :

  • How to meaningfully engage diverse societal stakeholders;
  • How to foster a democratic legitimacy process;
  • How to create a reflexive mindset within an organisation by using reflexive monitoring;
  • How to develop strategies for the institutionalisation of the transition roadmap.

Join us for the TOMORROW Energy Transition Roadmapping Masterclass, an intensive peer-learning programme for elected officials, civil servants and civil society actors working on energy transition governance processes in (their) cities. The first Masterclass will take place online. It will include an introductory webinar in January 2022, 2 days masterclass in February 2022 and a come-back  webinar in June 2022 (see detailed programme below).



Thursday 13th of January 2022

Introductory online webinar & getting to know one another. We will share the basic concepts of transition thinking, transition roadmapping and transition analysis, we will ask each participant to conduct a system and actor analysis of their own context.

Throughout January and February

We will provide reading materials and we will ask each participant to apply transition tools in their own context.

Thursday 24th and Friday 25th February 2022

Intensive online masterclass with participation of TOMORROW cities, Energy Cities and DRIFT.

Half day in June [Date TBD]

Online come-back day in which participants will share the lessons learnt and how they started designing transition roadmapping processes in their cities.

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