Brest Energy Transition Roadmap


Tomorrow, an engagement program dedicated to the Climate Action Plan 

This Roadmap is the final result of the 3-year TOMORROW process in the pilot city of Brest Metropole.

As a pilot city of the TOMORROW european project from 2019 to 2022, Brest Métropole has initiated and experimented a broad approach of local mobilization in the service of energy and climate transition. This project is part of the strategy of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of Brest Métropole, a roadmap for energy transitionadopted in 2020 for 6 years. Through this plan, Brest Métropole coordinates and implements a program of 60 actions in 13 sectors to fight against climate change and anticipate its consequences at the local level. After three years of implementing TOMORROW, the time has come to outline the prospects for extension and to share the commitments already obtained. The year 2023, that of the drafting of the mid-term evaluation report of the Climate Plan, will give the opportunity to integrate these lines of work in an official roadmap adopted by the Metropolitan Council.