Brest (France)

Brest metropolis (215.000 inhabitants) is the second largest metropolis in Brittany, made up of 8 communes and at the heart of a living and working area of 420,000 inhabitants, the Pays de Brest. Brest metropolis is actively engaged in energy and climate policy on its territory, with the territorial climate air and energy plan II. This plan was approved for the period 2019-2025 and integrated into the Urban Plan Factor 4, which combines 4 planning documents covering the following sectors: mobility, housing, urban planning, climate plan, in coherence with the ambition of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 4 by 2050. Signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, Brest metropolis has an approved a Sustainable Energy Action Plan, and is currently preparing its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan. The TOMORROW project is an opportunity to mobilise local actors to become partners in the energy transition of the territory.

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