Mouscron Energy Transition Roadmap


Roadmap for the Energy Transition in Mouscron

This Roadmap is the final result of the 3-year TOMORROW process in the pilot city of Mouscron.

In accordance with the new European ambitions, the PAED 2012-2020 has been reviewed and adapted to the PAEDC 2018-2030 taking into account a target of 40% CO² reductions, all areas combined. The MOUSCRON PAEDC for 2030 (including the Climate Adaptation component) was therefore published in 2018 on the Covenant of Mayors website. The challenge of the City of MOUSCRON in the face of carbon neutrality objectives is enormous. After analysis, it appears that the potential of the actions on the Mouscronnois territory would allow an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, all areas combined, by 2050. However, achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 seems, at this day, a very ambitious objective requiring considerable human and financial resources. Nevertheless, the work plan proposed within the framework of TOMORROW, makes it possible to motivate local businesses, citizens' associations and all stakeholders to work together towards the same objectives with the aim of developing Mouscron as a Sustainable and Resilient City by 2050.